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Once safe……………never thrown out at home……

So there has been this conversation going on around me here for a bit. And it has been really interesting watching and listening. It seems some of the people that I know are, lets say, debating for lack of a better word, the idea of once saved always saved. I read a post on facebook the other day that went something like this, “you can’t be saved from hell by saying one sentence once in your lifetime”. Interesting thought. It just reminded me that we spend so much time talking about heaven and hell and not enough time talking about the actual TEACHINGS of Jesus. Why do we spend so much time telling people they are going to hell? We may not say, “you are going to hell”, but our conversations are more about condemnation instead of redemption. They way I see it, and I am not so big to say that I may be wrong, but Grace is enough. And Paul tells us we cannot earn it. Jesus tells us we can not earn it. My Pastor tells me I can not earn it. And you know what. I believe it. I choose to believe that God is so big and mighty and loves me so much that there is no way I can live up to the yolk we have placed around our necks that try to equate us to his Glory or Holiness. We are told God through Christ made us Holy. The law was to much. Man could not function under the law. Man can not function under the law. I cannot even follow the laws set by the city I live in, how can I follow the laws my God had laid out before redemption decided to stroll into town? So heres the thought to leave you with today.

Would you rather live by laws that man has decided is the measuring stick for holiness. Or would you rather know that his grace is truly enough?

Never to young to learn…..

It’s no secret. i play a lot of cards. Sin or not, I play. I enjoy. And now I teach the little ones the ways of the poker world. We had our first family card game tonight. It was fun. In fact it was awesome. A little five card draw to start the twinks off. At least we figured out the definition of check or bet tonight. It’s a start!!!!

It’s been a while…………

So I took quite a break. Not sure why, just needed some time to think. Unfortunately more time thinking only leads to more questions. Or maybe that is a fortunate thing. Who knows. Things are well. Life is great.

Today is my eight year wedding anniversary. Eight years with the most amazing human being I have ever met. Eight years with the only person in the world who understands me, well   more than others. Eight years of waking up next to the same woman every morning and thanking God that he put her in my life. Eight years of wondering why she puts up with all the B.S. that can, at  times, surround me. I don’t deserve her, but I am grateful to have her. Every time I start to cock my head and look at God the way my dog looks at me when she doesn’t quite understand what I am saying, I think about Sue and I just praise him. That probably doesn’t make sense to the majority of you who read this, but to the few that do…..we’re tracking.

Speaking of readers, so I haven’t posted in months and I am still getting close to twenty hits a day. Who are you people?



Back by popular demand……well not really……..

So its been a while. Let em catch you up. House was for sale. It seems to be sold. Home inspections are tomorrow and Tuesday. Closing is may 27th. The day We have to be out. Did I mention we haven’t started packing yet? It’s a bit tricky. i am not made of cash, so I am trying to time everything down to the perfect scenario. Making sure all i’s are dotted and so on before I pull the trigger on an apartment. That’s the other thing. We will be chilling gin an apartment for a few, like 5, months while we build our new house. I am not bitching. Just a little concerned. Rayn and Grace are all about the apartments, poll of course. But dad is getting a little to old to be kept up by college kids now days. Plus I have lived in the middle of BFE for the last eight years so submersing myself and family back into city life is liable to throw everything into a tail spin. Actually I doubt it. I have missed the city for most of the time I’ve been gone. Just wont be able to fire off any fire arms at will. But there also will not, atleast I hope, be any bobcats or coyotes hanging out in the yard either. It only took ten months to sell the Ross estate, but looks to be well on its way.

What else………I am currently in the middle of teaching a series about Rethinking the way Jesus looks at Global issues in my college ministry at church. Seems to be going well. Kicked it off last week. Only have about five weeks to go. It’s been a great subject for me to study up on. Really contrasting the evacuation theology, like see you in heaven, versus the transformation theology……..reconciliation of all things for God. It’s interesting to hear peoples opinions on the whole conversation. I actually had someone, no names ***** ********, ask me what does the world matter if God is going to send it up in flames anyhow. I hope he was kidding, but to be honest I am not one hundred percent convinced that he is. Were you kidding? Call me and let me know please. But, it’s good to be teaching again. It’s been way to long.

Work is freaking nuts. If you ever ask God for something and he answers, don’t bitch. My cup runneth over to the point that my hair is getting a bit lighter.  And it’s jet black. Or was atleast. Thanks God, by the way, you rock!!

Well. i will try to get back to the whole blogging atleast every other day for here on. No promises, but I will make an attempt.

Oh, and when we move, we’ll be closer to Raleighwood. Look out Thompson’s!!!!!!

Praises and more prayer!!!!!!!!

A while back i posted about this special little girl.

She got her heart!!!!!!!

Please keep praying for a full recovery!!!

You guys are awesome!


Random thought #2 of a four year old…………

rg2Grace: Dad, what was here before God made the world?

Dad: Not to sure, what do you think it was like?

Grace: Really dirty.

Rayn: Super dirty, really really super dirty.

Grace: Yep

Rayn: If you close your eyes, that’s what it was like.

Grace: So how did he see to make the cows?