No, The Gods are no longer Angry!!!!!!!!

So I just got back from hearing Rob Bell speak tonight in Raleigh. Amazing, Amazing, and more Amazing. So the evening starts out in a great venue called the Progress Energy Center in Raleigh. We are in a box on the side of the auditorium looking at the stage that has this huge alter in the middle of it. There is a loud track of opera music playing. Pretty neat setting if you ask me. And then Rob comes out and launches into this story or parable about a cave woman and how the cave woman is figuring out that this plant she has is connected to the sun in the sky. And the sun in the sky is connected to the mooon at night. And the moon at night runs in these mysterious cycles, the same way her body does. And she’s figuring out that all is connected. And if she makes a nod to these “Gods”, they may just leave her alone and let her continue being this great cave woman.

Rob then begins to explain for about fifteen minutes about all kinds of early civilizations and their Gods. And what they had to do to appease their Gods. The things they had to sacrifice to make sure that their Gods were one, not angry with them, or two, would stop being angry with them.  There seems to be a fundemantal problem with this. More on that in a minute. When begin to learn that an alter is this, “vortex of Anxiety”.

Then we jump into the story of Abraham. How he was called, from this mysterious voice, to leave his fathers household. We find out that household in this scripture does not mean a place to live, but actually a worldviewand Abraham is told to leave his fathers worldview behind. Unheard of in the day that this took place. Chapter 12 of Genesis is the first time that God steps in and there is this divine intervention between humans, Abraham, and God almighty himself. The beginning of Gods divine interactions with humans.

Move on to chapter 22. Abraham is asked to take his son to the alter and kill him for God. For so long I have thought this passage was about us being loyal to the will of God no matter the sacrifice, but its not. God was doing something really big here. One, this was the norm of the day. Notice Abraham did not say nope. He just went to do it. Two, as he was doing it a being came down instructing him to stop and pointed out that God had provided a different sacrifice to take the place of the son he loved, which by the way, this is the first time love is mentioned in the Bible. God is saying the old way, no more. I am providing a different way. My sacrifice given for you. Starting to sound a little familiar. God is saying, I am not the God who wants your son, but the God who provides. Trust me to provide. All of the sacrificing you have been doing was for your piece of mind. Not Gods.

Go to Leviticus. The saducees were violent people. Used violence to express their opinions. Wanted blood offerings and even used the military to back them up. They built a violent system in the hopes that the people would know and have peace with God. Bad idea. This system stayed in place until Christ came and shook things up a bit. Here is a guy healing and fixing people without any sacrifices being offered and the saducees are threatened. THey result to the only thing they know, get the Army involved, and kill Jesus. What is interesting is that the whole way to the cross, Jesus could have stepped in and stopped it. Peter pulled a sword and Jesus corrected his mistake. Jesus did not even have a sword, because he knew if he resulted to violence it would only strenghthen what the saducees had already set into place. The very thing he was undoing. Anyways, this tour is brilliant and this is just a quich sypnopsis on things.

Rob eneded with a beautiful story. There was this lady who was having visions from Jesus. THe local priest did not believe her and called her a liar. She protested so he asked het to ask Jesus one simple question the next time she was having a vision. He said to ask him what were the last things this priest had asked for forgiveness for. So he leaves and catches wind a little later that she has another vision. So he confronts her and ask her if she askes Jesus the question. She says yes and grabs his hand. He asks her what did Jesus say I asked forgiveness for. Her response was that Jesus said HE DID NOT REMEMBER. WOW.




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  1. Dang…. wish I could have made it to that… he’s no where close to nashville though.

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