Reviewing the Empire built by I

So here we go as promised. My first ever printed CD review. So who is the lucky band this week? How about the new release I Empire by Angels and Airwaves. First and foremost I love this band. There first album suprised the mess out of me and I fell in love with it. But could their sophmore release hold up? Well in my opinion, yes it can. The opening song, Call to Arms, pretty much defines this band. Very tight, very rhythm driven, and super catchy lyrics. Pretty much all you need to sell lots of albums and have lots of fans. The second song, Everything’s Magic, has got an eighties feel all over it. Some early REM/Cure thing going on. Love it! It also happens to be their first single released off of the album. The third song, Breathe, has this almost Himalayans thing going on with a hint of Adam Duritz coming through vocally. Decent love song. Love like Rockets, the forth song, solid filler song. Fifth song, Sirens, very Police sounding, again with catchy lyrics. Sirens is followed by Secret Crowds, which with its Foo Fighter sound has a good thing going. Star of Bethlehem is next, a instrumental that sets up one of the highlights of the album TRUE LOVE. True Love goes back to the sound the captured me on their first release, We Don’t Need to Whisper. Great song that has a U2 feel to it with great lyrics telling us that Love will guide us home. You know it’s interesting how Christ shows up in things when we have our eyes and minds open. Star of Bethlehem sets up a song called True Love. Huh…..Lifeline is next and lets us know that no one is perfect, but all is fixable. Jumping Rofftops is a short instrumental that takes us to Rite of Spring. The best song on the album. It’s got a little bit of that teenage angst theme behind it with Tom Delonge dropping a small biographical peek into his life. The album ends wiht another U2 felling song called Heaven. It’s a strong finish to a strong album. I recommend this album if your looking for some fresh air in todays new rock world. Go buy it. It gets three and a half s stars out of five. Well, that’s it for this week. Until later!



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