Kenya pray for some brothers and sisters………

Hope all is well. About a year ago the youth, known as crossings, at St. Marks raised over 80 thousand dollars to build houses for orphans in Africa. Great accomplishment if you ask me. And a big shout out tho the church for making it happen. Well a small group of about ten from crossings left yesterday for Kenya to do some missions work. If you would, say a little prayer for the group! Pray that they not only affect someone but that they are affected as well. Pray that something really huge happens in each of their hearts. Thanks!



Gang signs and Guitar Hero 3


So I think I’m going to post some of my holiday highlights, which are many, here in the next few weeks. And what better way to begin than to post a picture of my Dad playing Guitar Hero 3 for the first time. Whats very funny about this is that he fell into the seductive trap of the game. At first kinda of acting like perhaps it was a stupid game, but after getting his hands on it not letting go. Merry Christmas Dad! Not bad playing for the original bassist of the Pagemen. Oh, and thats my brother throwing gang signs at the camera. Is he a blood or a crip?

Dad, the songs not over yet……..

0020a.jpgSo some of you know that my wife and I have been blessed with beautiful twin girls, Rayn and Gracie. Well last night my wife and i were dancing in the play room to some Jack Johnson and the twinkies, as I like to call them, came in and decided they wanted to dance with us. Now this is not unusual, we actually dance, sing, play , and write music a lot together. All four of us. Granted the songs are not usuallys that deep. They usually have something to do with a T.V. show the twinkies just watched, or maybe a something we need them to do. “Please stop hitting your sister, please stop hitting your sister, please stop hitting your sister, before you leave a mark.” You get the idea. But last night we were just dancing. Rayn jumped in Suzanne’s arms and Gracie jumped in mine. We’ve done this many, many times in the past but last night Gracie said something that stirred my heart. Halfway through a song I was ready to quit dancing and she says to me with great passion, “Dad, the songs not over.” I don’t know why, but when those words left her mouth I had this vision of her and I at her wedding and sharing that father daughter dance. And me not wanting that dance to be over. Kinda weird huh? Well anyway it really moved me and got me thinking about some things. Glad their only three and a half!!

So here we go. My wife and I have started an organization called The website officially launches today. This idea came to me late one night and I haven’t been able to get it off of mind. I was laying in bed and I looked at my wife and said Jesus is greater than war. She kind of gave me that look that I usually get late at night. You see I have this problem of talking and looking like I am awake, but really I am out cold asleep. But this time I was awake. I decided to put it on a T shirt. So I did. And began to wear it. People wanted one. So I started making them and handing themout locally. Then a few more people wanted one. So I made a few more. You get the idea. Shaun Groves and Brody Harper came into to town to do a concert one day and i had the shirt on. They were both interested in it as well so I made them one. Shaun wore his in front of the white house, which was great, and blogged about the shirt on his website. Several of his friends wanted one and ordered some. So that finally got me thinking. We should do something with this. The idea all along was to raise awareness and money for a cause. That cause is a scholarship fund for children who have lost a parent while actively serving during wartime. So I began to search and I could not find an organization that wanted the money from the sales. So we started our own foundation. And we officially launch today.

Here you can order T shirts and stickers that say Jesus>War. Proceeds going to a scholarship fund for children who have lost a parent during service in wartime. This is going to be an exciting adventure for us. We believe that God has put this on our hearts for a reason and we are trying our best to obey.

In the coming months and hopefully years we will be offering other “campaigns” such as Jesus>Poverty, Jesus>Thirst, Jesus>Hunger, etc. We are currently working on the next wave, details should be following in the coming weeks. Please pray for Suzanne and I on this mission!! If you want a T shirt you now know where to get it. If you have any ideas or comments we would love to hear them. You can post here or contact us through the website.


So this is the way to reach the lost……….

A few weeks ago my wife, uncle, dad, some friends, and myself went to here Rob Bell speak. As we were leaving there was this idiot, oh I mean guy, standing on the steps screaming about the wrath of God. He had a pretty nice home made sign on and a bible clenched tightly in his hands. He was screaming about how we were a ll going to go to hell for “following” what the heretic Rob Bell was teaching us. Hey, i for one believe this guy has every right to his opinion, but have a little bit of manners buddy. If you wanted to say something to the masses that were there, why didn’t you rent out the hall and sell tickets and scream at those who chose to come. Your little public display was so embarassed the crap out of me. I happened to have someone who I care bout a whole lot with me that night that had a terrible taste in his mouth because of guys like this guy. And every piece of truth he heard on the inside of the venue was shattered by the lies this guy was spitting at people. When will we figure out that this does not work. I did not see anyone go up to this guy that night and say, “please tell me more about this Jesus you are screaming about. Tell me more about how he will flood the Earth again and turn people into mounds of salt. Please teach me how to hate the way God does.”  It’s people like this that are ruining it for the rest of us. He actually video tapped himself doing this and posted it proudly on youtube. I put part one of his video on here so you guys can take a look. I’d love to here your thoughts.


Foy and a full orchestra

Watch this. Listen to the words. And then think about the people that may be  crying out around you.

Go Bubba Go!!!!!!!!!!!


So tomorrow morning Suzanne, Rayn, Gracie, and myself are headed down to Greenville to attend my brothers graduation. I am beginning to feel old. My little brother that I use to torment is stepping into the real world. Welcome little Bro! I got your back!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!