Mebane North Carolina, The Smokers Capital of the World!

So last night Suzanne, Rayn, Grace, Tacy and myself took off to the Mebane Christmas parade, I have to say it was a pretty cool gig. The twinkies had a blast watching the floats and all under the cover of darkness. It was pretty cool watching them dance and get a real kick out of all the characters. Rayn had to dodge a flying drum stick that had broken off of one of the local high school bass drummers while he was doing some rim shots, other than that all seemed Ok. Tracy and I stood back away from the excitment because I lost our seats next to Sue and the girls so that gave us a chance to do a little people watching. Wow. Interesting group of individuals out last night. I gave up all tobacco products when my kids were born, but I inhaled so much second hand smoke last night that I should have gone out a bought a pack of cowboy killers and smoked them myself. I would guess that fifty percent of the people I saw were smoking. i even saw a kid not much older than twelve smoking a cigar. The sign on the highway should read……..

Mebane, Welcome to Marlboro Country.



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