So this is the way to reach the lost……….

A few weeks ago my wife, uncle, dad, some friends, and myself went to here Rob Bell speak. As we were leaving there was this idiot, oh I mean guy, standing on the steps screaming about the wrath of God. He had a pretty nice home made sign on and a bible clenched tightly in his hands. He was screaming about how we were a ll going to go to hell for “following” what the heretic Rob Bell was teaching us. Hey, i for one believe this guy has every right to his opinion, but have a little bit of manners buddy. If you wanted to say something to the masses that were there, why didn’t you rent out the hall and sell tickets and scream at those who chose to come. Your little public display was so embarassed the crap out of me. I happened to have someone who I care bout a whole lot with me that night that had a terrible taste in his mouth because of guys like this guy. And every piece of truth he heard on the inside of the venue was shattered by the lies this guy was spitting at people. When will we figure out that this does not work. I did not see anyone go up to this guy that night and say, “please tell me more about this Jesus you are screaming about. Tell me more about how he will flood the Earth again and turn people into mounds of salt. Please teach me how to hate the way God does.”  It’s people like this that are ruining it for the rest of us. He actually video tapped himself doing this and posted it proudly on youtube. I put part one of his video on here so you guys can take a look. I’d love to here your thoughts.



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