Dad, the songs not over yet……..

0020a.jpgSo some of you know that my wife and I have been blessed with beautiful twin girls, Rayn and Gracie. Well last night my wife and i were dancing in the play room to some Jack Johnson and the twinkies, as I like to call them, came in and decided they wanted to dance with us. Now this is not unusual, we actually dance, sing, play , and write music a lot together. All four of us. Granted the songs are not usuallys that deep. They usually have something to do with a T.V. show the twinkies just watched, or maybe a something we need them to do. “Please stop hitting your sister, please stop hitting your sister, please stop hitting your sister, before you leave a mark.” You get the idea. But last night we were just dancing. Rayn jumped in Suzanne’s arms and Gracie jumped in mine. We’ve done this many, many times in the past but last night Gracie said something that stirred my heart. Halfway through a song I was ready to quit dancing and she says to me with great passion, “Dad, the songs not over.” I don’t know why, but when those words left her mouth I had this vision of her and I at her wedding and sharing that father daughter dance. And me not wanting that dance to be over. Kinda weird huh? Well anyway it really moved me and got me thinking about some things. Glad their only three and a half!!


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