Welcome to North Carolina, turn signals optional!!

I have been wanting to blog about this for a while. I drive around a lot, It’s my job. I have meetings  different places in the triad all day long. So I am constantly on the road. There is an epidemic that is driving me crazy. No one in this great state knows how to use a turn signal. I have no idea why. What is so hard about signaling what direction you are about to go? I can not tell you how many wrecks I have almost been in because of this. It drives me crazy. Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does. I think all signs should read. “Welcome to North Carolina, turn signals optional!!”.



myspaceimpactawardpovertyreliefcompassion1.gifCompassion wins impact award!

To those of you who voted, Job Well Done!!!


Hardcore show at the Raven has been cancelled.

The show scheduled for friday night at the Raven has been cancelled. JesusGreaterThan crew will be out at the next available show. I’ll let you know.

Bush showing some love!!!!!!!

bushsmall.jpgJust wanted to let you guys know about Steven Bush. He is the bass player for Spur58. He is an advocate for Compassion International. He is supporting JesusGreaterThan and he’s an all around cool guy. Be sure to check him out when you get a chance and say hello.

With oil there is always blood……………..

photo_131.jpegSuzanne and I enjoyed a long overdue date night last night. We grabbed an OK dinner, hit the mall for clearance sales, and then went to the movies. I love movies, great story plots, great cinematography, and great acting. There will be Blood had all and more. The movie, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love, and more), was based on a novel by Upton Sinclair called Oil. Written in the late 1920’s. The movie stars the great Daniel Day Lewis as Daniel Plainview, an oil man. All I can say is awesome performance. If you thought Bill the Butcher was a wicked man wait till you see Daniel Plainview in action. A different kind of wicked, but wicked indeed. Brilliant performance. I am not going to give away any spoilers of any sorts for this film. Go see it. The best film I’ve seen this year and it will be hard to beat. Instantly enters my Top 20 movies of all time. Another performance to note is that of Paul Dano. He was the kid on a speaking strike in Little Miss Sunshine. He plays a “preacher” who has a few issues of his own. There was some interesting imagery throughout this film. Check it out and see what you come up with. Isn’t it  funny that no matter what, when oil is involved, there is always blood?

JesusGreaterThan crew hits the road for the first time!

s_6ad2b63412f0a94a4d30212bbc5011741.jpgJust wanted to let everyone know that Suzanne and I  will be at the Raven in Burlington next Friday night. First Platoon Industries are promoting a show with The Idea of You, The Fight Between the Frames, and others.  We’ll have a booth there with info on the organization and stuff for you to buy. So grab your ear plugs and come say hello!!

Jesus>Poverty= Cash for Compassion International

The time is almost here. We are almost set to launch the next phase of www.jesusgreaterthan.org. The shirts, which are Irish green but Suzanne says kelly green, are in hand and ready to ship out. All proceeds from the Jesus>Poverty sales are going to end up in Compassion Internationals hands. More about the shirts and Compassion on the way.