Ice Cream and Fire Arms. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


For those of you who know where I live this will not seem out of the ordinary. My wife and I bought our second home, the one we currently live in, about five years ago. It is in the middle of no where. Actually it’s in the northeast section of Guilford county which, by the way, is the middle of no where. It’s 25 minutes to the closest “town”.  We don’t have any “next door” neighbors, but we can see peoples houses through the woods. My closest neighbor is one of the strangest men I have ever not really met. He scares me a little. He’s one of those guys that just shows up behing you while your blowing leaves and then tells you all about the Egyptian Aliens that will one day come back for ” all of us”. I avoid him as much as possible. There are many more stranger stories. Maybe some other time. He does hate guns though. Thats a good thing. I have other neighbors that I can see in the fall when the leaves are not on the trees. And they love their guns. It’s not unusual to hear them fire off “a round or two” every now and then. And all through out deer hunting season you can hear people shooting. We do live in the woods. It’s expected. Another thing that is expeceted is that year after year, every New Years Eve at 12:02, it seems all my neighbors within hearing distance, except Egyptian Man, begin to fire off round after round of weapons. It’s some sort of redneck contest to see who can waste the most ammunition purchased the day before at Wal Mart. And last night it got a little scary. Ususally it’s loud. But last night a neighbor whose property backs up to mine, had to be standing right on the edge of our line and wad firing what sounded like an elephant gun. There’s a bit of a “holla” between our homes so it had this wicked echo every time. I was waiting for a window to shatter and us have to grab the kids and dive in the bath tub or something. But it never happened. THank God. The shooting did last over 20 minutes last night. One thing is for sure. If those Egyptian aliens ever show up in our neighborhood, they are in a lot of trouble. Because my neighbors are armed to the T. Happy New Year!!!



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