Anyone else tired of this junk?

Ok here’s the deal. I have not officially decided who I will or will not support in the coming election. I am not even sure I will support anyone. But I am sick and tired of getting all kinds of emails trying to destroy the character of Barack Obama. And I am getting most of these emails from people that i know through church or other churches. People who call themselves “Christians” who are spreading gossip, which are lies, in the name of protecting christian america. Are you kidding me? Come on people. This is getting really stupid.

 The emails all say the same things. One Barack was born, raised, and is currently a muslim. The fact, according to Barack himself is that he has never prayed in a mosque, was not raised a muslim, and is in fact a member of the United church of Christ. They also say that his step father was a certain brand of extreme muslim. Barack says, in his words, this is not true. His step father, “saw religion as not particularly useful”, but did “follow a brand of Islam that made room for other faiths”. Obama admits he grew up a skeptic, oh how dare he, but found religion in the late 80’s at The United Church of Christ. He never attended a radical muslim school. He is a practicing christian who has been a member of his church for 20 years, was baptized, and attends when he can. He says he finds time to pray and read scripture while on the campaign trail and actually held his own personal Bible,not the Koran, when sworn in as a senator.

Again i am not saying I support Barack, but this junk is crazy. Do we really believe that extreme muslims who want to destroy the united states are stupid enough to use a man named Barck Obama? Or one that would get this much attention about being a muslim? These are the same people who thought up an idea of taking over four jet liners and flying them into four major U.S. targets. One being our defense building. In case you did not notice, these people are a little smarter than that. Seems to me that a blond haired, blue eyed, cornbread raised muslim would be smarter and sneekier. Or maybe they should choose the biggest idiot running and fund the crap out of him with their poppy money. Just kidding.

  Why are Americans so afraid of change? What is the deal people? Here is a news flash. The media is running this country. It preys on weak minded individuals and uses their fears in a psycological game to point people in a direction deemed correct. And then weak minded individuals start generating bullcrap emails to discredit the name of people they are told they should be scarred of. And most of the time, atleast in this country, in the name of Jesus. Every time i get an email like this from a church member, or anyone for that matter that claims Christ as their Lord and Savior, I want to vomit. Faith people. Instead of putting all of this time on slanderring others, get on your knees and pray that Gods will be done n November. Pray that this country can some how under someones command can turn around and become a true super power. A super power that is a light on a hill. A big light on a big hill. A country that is so super we strive to end world hunger, sickness, oppression, depression, and so on. A super power that feeds other countries instead of bombing them. A country that spends more money on ending world hunger than trying to  put a man on a planet that we can not even breathe on. It’s so hard yet so simple.

I’m done for now.





  2. Well said Diddy, people just need to take a chillaxitive !

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