images5.jpegSo I found this blog that ripped into Rob Bell. Suprising huh? The following is a quote from one of the “Bell Haters” responding to something Rob was quoted saying in this months relevant magazine. Rob is pretty out spoken about the suffering in the world and that as Christians we should be doing something about it. Here’s what indywatchman had to say,

indywatchman // January 13, 2008 at 7:12 am

There has always been suffering in the world, and there has always been those who put others on a guilt trip if there remain any suffering in the world. The answer to the problem isn’t to become a liberal, the answer is to believe the Bible, that God has the answer. Suffering is the result of sin, so the sin problem has to be addressed, not skirted. There will always be “rice Christians” just like there were those who followed Jesus for the fish and the loaves, but they weren’t saved. Frankly, most of the do gooders of the world only compound the problem with their deceitful message, and at best they are “hirelings” accomplishing the work of God, with no interest in Heaven. As far as blogging goes, it is a tool, to help wage the war against deceit, and to deliver “living Bread” to those whom God has called. Any thoughts?

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