How to get a cat out of a tree, after two days………..

images1.jpegI don’t love cats, it’s no secret. But we have one. His name is Baby Kitty. The girls named him that thank you. Anyways we also have a couple of dogs. Marley is a Chow Lab mix. She was my dog before my wife and I got married. Marley, like me, does not like cats either. She got loose Saturday night and chased Baby Kitty, who lives outside of a fence, up a tree. Now this is nothing new to us. In fact it has happened several times. But this time he climbed really high. Like fifty feet on a single trunk tree with no limbs. This was Saturday night. Yesterday, after a 11 degree night, I figured he would be well on his way to cat heaven if he had not come down yet. But to my suprise he was still alive and well in the tree. Late that afternoon I was church and called the fire department. I’m not kidding. They came out to our house, told my wife that was the highest they had ever seen a cat in a tree, and also told her there was nothing they could do. Last night it was ten degrees and I knew Baby Kitty would be going to that golden litter box in the sky. I was wrong. I left for work this morning and he was just chilling, but still not coming down. So I got home tonight and decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to my closet and pulled out a handful of roman candles . This cat was coming down. I shot roman candles at this thing for a while and he still would not budge. It is going to be ten degrees tonight and a wintry mix will be falling. I was determined. So I went a bought some rope. A few hundred feet to be exact. Tied one end to a 90 degree copper irrigation fitting and proceeded to try and lauch this thing over the branch fifty feet in the air. After several trys, a little prayer, a lot of adult language, it was a success. I then tied our cloths hamper on the other side of the rope, loaded it down with a can of tuna, and sent it on its way. Baby Kitty jumped strait into the basket, freaked out about half way down , and fell twenty five feet. Yes he landed on his feet. It is true. Now I am going to eat my dinner that is long over due and probably really cold. But, there are three girls and one cat happier tonight.

Until then…….



  1. halfway through the story i was suggesting you get the benjamin pellet gun…but then read that it came down. congrats.

  2. The thought crossed my mind MANY times!

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