August and Everything After again…………

images3.jpegMy favorite song writer in the entire world is Adam Duritz. He is the singer for the Counting Crows. I believe he is one of the most under appreciated musicians on the planet. I never miss a chance to catch them live whenever they come near. They put on one of the greatest live musical events you’ll ever see. That all being said I had a few Best Buy gift cards from Christmas and purchased August and Everything After (Remastered). The set comes with two discs. The first one is the original album remastered. It’s the third time I have bought the album because I keep wearing them out. It really sounds the same to me. Still one of the best albums ever. Then the magic begins. On the first disc there are six extra tracks. Four of which I already own in some form of a bootleg recording. An acoustic version of a song called “Shallow Days”, which belonged on the album. I have no idea why it was never on there, but simply awesome. An acoustic version of a song called, “mean Jumper Blues”. This is the first time I had ever heard it. It’s OK, not great, but OK.  Love and Addiction is on here. One of my favorite Crows songs never before released. Awesome. You get a demo version of Omaha, just a demo. And it ends with an amazing cover of “This Land is Your Land”. Awesome.

The second disc is a very note worthy live show. In the trading community it is one of the most sought after shows that they ever did, next to “Devil and Bunny Shows” or any San Fran shows. Live at Elysée Montmartre 1994. This show is one of the best live shows they have ever done and ever will do. Raw, exposed, and awesome.  Incredible performance. Early versions of Children in Bloom and Goodnight Elizabeth. Private Archapelgo in the bridge of Round Here. I have had boots of this show for 12 years but now it’s cleaned up and awesome. I can’t quit listening to it. In short, go out and buy this album.


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