O.K. here’s the deal,

I work for one of the greatest guys in the world. I love my job. It is incredible. The other day I mentioned to Michael, my boss, that we should have a blog on our website. And I don’t think he went for it. My friend Brody is starting Blogs for all of these bands trying to get their names out there. Trying to get people to connect and he has inspired me to do the same for the business I work for. It should work, right? Michael has challenged me. He thinks he can get more people to our website than I can. I can’t let that happen. One, no one wants to lose to their boss, and two I need to prove that blogging is one of the finest ways to get people to our site. So on Tuesday and Wednesday they are counting the number of hits our website gets. That’s where you all come in . All you have to do is click , Color Landscapes, and you are done. We are giving away a tree every month so go ahead and register for it. Who knows you may win a Japanese Maple. But I need as much traffic as I can get going to this website over the next two days. So pass the word along!

Thanks a million guys and gals!!


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  1. What is this website about? Why am I asking? ‘Cause I’m sorta new to this website…

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