Veggie Tales, Play Dough, and Major Public Meltdowns

e5_21.jpegHere it is. The gulity party. Suzanne’s leading her MOPS group tonight. She does it twice a month. It’s really cool because me and the twinkies get to spend the night together. Usually the three of us end up at a local mexican joint, but this little thing called Lent has side tracked that idea. So we ended up at the local “christian” book store. Grace decided that she wanted a certain toy in the store. And to be honest with you it was a little more than I wanted to spend after picking up the new Hillsong cd. But she was not hearing that. This child went into complete meltdown mode. I have never seen this before and was a little scared to be honest. Grace was hitting notes that were shattering glass somewhere close. And she would not stop. For a long time. There were people starring at me like I was punching this child or somehow hurting her. I wasn’t. I just made it clear this was not coming home with us. So she screamed and screamed and screamed some more. Her sister, Rayn,  began screaming at me because Grace was screaming at me. Here I had one child screaming because she was not getting her way and the other screaming because the one not getting her way was screaming. I was dumbfounded. So I fixed it. Guess what two little girls are playing with on our kitchen table as I write this?


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  1. i am sitting at work in my cubicle trying very hard not to laugh at loud at your story. I can picture you and the girls and this whole thing playing out! glad to see you took charge!! lol

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