Paul Boateng

My friend Shaun Groves is gathering the stories of Compassion International child sponsors on his blog. After reading ours, I encourage you to go to his blog and read many others as well.

About two years ago my wife and I decided it was time to sponsor a compassion child. His name is Paul Boateng. He’s ten years old and lives in Ghana. We believe his parents are no longer living because he is always speaking of his uncle in his letters. He has a sister that lives with him as well.

Our hope is that one day we will get the chance to meet him. Suzanne and I have been talking about what God is calling us to do and, although I am not one hundred percent sure right now, I think it is going to be away from the U.S. We are patiently waiting to see what God has in store for us.

Paul has been a blessing. Getting to reach out and connect with someone that we can help in many ways through Compassion has been such a blessing. We write him letters and send him pictures. Send him money fro his birthday and Christmas. He writes us letters about what he got for his birthday and Christmas. It’s amazing what Compassion is doing for these kids. We love being part of  compassion and hope to adopt another child in the near future.

You can help. Go to Compassion and get involved.



  1. Thanks, PD. Link to my post, please, so more folks will get their stories read.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Great story man. It is incredible to see how much this trip is changing kids lives. Let alone the organization itself. I got a Christmas card from my little boy in El Salvador, one of the only ones i got in my new place. It really is just awesome.
    Enjoy what you got going here.
    God Bless.

  4. Bryan,
    It is awesome! Thanks for your comment brother!

  5. Howdy!

    WORDPRESS says that our two blogs (at least our most recent posts) are related, so I came by to check you out. Please stop by my place and let me know what you think (and maybe add Jesus + Compassion to your blog roll so we can stay connected).

    God bless you!


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