Someone I should tell you about.


 There is this woman that I know, really well, that amazes me every time I sit back and think about what she has done, is doing, and will do. I met her in February of 2000. She happened to be working where I was, in fact I was her boss. She couldn’t stand me. I think she really disliked me. But I was in love. She was working part time and I was in charge of her schedule. So I would build my schedule around hers. I was going to be at work when she was at work. I figured the best way to get her to fall in love with me was to completely surround her with the madness that was me. It didn’t work. She was working twenty hours a week and I decided we needed more time together so I started scheduling, this part timer, thirty hours a week. She just needed a little more of me in her life, this was my thinking. Her thinking was why is the physco doing this to me. February passed by, March led to nothing, April there was nothing, May also had nothing, Summer rolled around I could tell I was wearing her thin. We began to have great conversations, I was beginning to realize that this was the woman I wanted to spend forever with. I was also beginning to wonder what was happening inside of her heart. By the time October rolled around I was helplessly hopeless. It was done and over with. We knew that we were going to be a while. So it became official. We were a couple. In December I asked her to marry me. I didn’t have a ring yet, I was broke, and she said sure. Not yes, but sure. that still makes me chuckle. Even as I write this I’m laughing thinking about that night as we drifted off to sleep.

That’s how I met Suzanne Osborne Ross. My wife. She is everything to me. She encourages me to be the person that God created me to be. And allows me to be the person I think I should be. Her heart is the size of Texas, and her temper is as short as a tooth pick. She’s perfect for me and I hope that I am for her. Watching her with our daughters is amazing. I have never seen anyone fight so hard to get two children to this planet and then work so hard to take care of them. She achieves ever goal she sets for herself and it is inspiring to watch. I know I don’t say it enough, but thanks Sue, for being the woman that you are.



  1. You’re right. . .she is amazing and you are perfect for each other. I am pretty sure she is the only woman on the planet who could handle you!!! For that, she amazes me!!

  2. Thats a pritty crazy story, i dont think i would have the guts to schedule some one like that. did you ever feel like a stalker? ha ha

    Kinda cool though how things can move the way they do.

  3. tracy- She amazes everyone

    rlh- I was a stalker. I listened to al ot of AC/DC and was a stalker. Just kidding.

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