Yep, This will be fun!!


On Friday March 21, I will hopefully be taking part in this great creation. A full contact Easter Egg Hunt put on by a local radio station. Brilliant. I haven’t told my wife yet, though she is probably reading this and I will get a phone call any second now explaining to me that I am not twenty years old anymore. But none the less. A full contact Easter Egg Hunt. Who could really turn that opportunity down. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I am one of the chosen!!




  1. THIS TOTALLY MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!! I hope you get chosen. Nothing will give me more pleasure than to watch you in this. I bet Suzanne will feel the same way. We might pack a lunch and camp out!!!!!

  2. Man, if they pick me I am going Will Ferrell style on someone!!

  3. that would be intense. pads or anything?

  4. No pads. Free for all. I thonk there are strategic places you are not allowed to attack. And biting is off limits, but if picked, it’s on!

  5. by thonk i mean think. i think.

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