What does a Fender Jazz Bass, Ear Buds, and My big toe have in common?

Well tonight a lot. So we are playing our worship set tonight at the Saturady night service, Tracy is leading and all is going pretty well. We tear through our first song and start to do our second, which is Beautiful Jesus, and guess what happens. I adjust my in ears before our lead starts the intro and my Bass strap snaps and it falls on my toe while the volume is wide open. Wow. What a moment. I’m not even a bass player, I play guitar. You know what. A Bass is twice as heavy as a guitar. If you drop a bass on your toe and all you have on is a pair of birks, it hurts. Really bad. Ever heard what kind of noise a bass makes in a large room on full volume when it hits the hardwood stage? It’s loud. Ever laughed with a drummer through the rest of your worship set so hard that you couldn’t keep up with the rest of the band. I have. Anyways, tonight was actuallly fun. Sometimes we need a laugh just to get throught the day. Or the evening on stage.



  1. P.D….I’m sorry I missed that service last night. I would have been busting a gut laughing myself but out in the congregation, as I was not scheduled to play this weekend. Anyway…I hope the 2 Sunday services went a little smoother..but I’m sure the laugh was what God had in mind for last night. 🙂

  2. oh gosh, that sounds painful. a bass is heavy, ill give ya that. at least you were able to play the set. thats so rock n roll. haha

  3. shawn- I’m sorry you missed it to. Hope all is well!

    byan- It was Rock and Roll brother!

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