It’s Officialy On!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I got the email this morning. Me and 104 other gentlemen will be destroying each other in an attempt to win really cool prizes. The G105 Full Contact Easter Egg Hunt will be taking place next Friday, which is good Friday, at Carousel Farms in Raleigh. And I will be systematically removing contestants from the playing field and gathering their eggs. I have to admit I am abit nervous about this. The last time I participated in anything that was full contact was a pickup football game a few Thanksgivings ago, and I hurt for a few days. Anyways, there is no way I am missing this easter egg hunt. Well I guess there are ways, but I hope that none of them arrive. Here are some of thehighlights from the email I received.

 C.            How to Play: ALL CONTESTANTS MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN HELMET WITH HEAD AND FACIAL PROTECTION BEFORE THEY WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE. No contestant will be allowed to participate without a valid drivers license, release AND this form signed. The rules are the same for the male event and the female event. Contestants will begin by being placed along the inside railing of the arena. The eggs will be scattered throughout the event arena in no particular pattern or location. At the sound of the start horn players will be free to make an attempt to gather as many eggs in their basket as possible during the allotted 3 minute time period. One player may “tackle” (described below) another player in an attempt to dislodge that player’s eggs, however neither player may at any time wrestle, fight, punch, scratch, eye-gouge, kick, slap, knee or spit on another contestant. In addition, any contestant who is involved in any type of “unsportsmanlike conduct” which may or may not be listed above will be ejected immediately and anyone who is found to be bleeding will be removed from the game immediately without re-entry at the sole discretion of Bob and The Showgram or any G105 representative and shall not be compensated in any manner. Contestants also participate at the sole discretion of the judges present and may be denied access to the event or ejected for any reason at any time.  (“Tackling”) – Must be front or side impact ABOVE the waist. Any player making impact from the back or below the waist will be ejected without compensation. In addition, no grabbing of clothing to swing or pull to the ground or guilty contestant will be ejected. If tackle results in egg(s) being dislodged AND HITS THE GROUND egg is fair game for all contestants.

This is going to be fun.





  2. Good Luck tomorrow!!

  3. Thanks Cissy. Actually it’s next Friday.

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