Weekend recap.


This is Bush.


This is Spur58.

They just happened to be the worship band for the Student Life Tour. And they just happend to be down in Charlotte this weekend. So Suzanne and i took off to Charlotte on Friday afternoon to hang out with Bush for the evening. The church they were playing at was huge. And the crowd that had gathered was rather large as well. The guys in Spur58 play a small set on Friday nights so that allowed for Bush, Suzanne, and myself to get to hang a while and just talk. The three of us ended up at Buffallo Wild Wings and conversated for a couple of hours. Bush is a really neat guy and you all should check out his blog. Him and his wife have opened up their hearts and home and are adopting a child. There is a link to the left about their adoption process. I encourage you all to go over and show them some support by praying for them and buying a T Shirt from them as well. Suzanne and I had a great time meeting all the guys, but really enjoyed getting to know Bush. Hope to do it again soon.
While we were eating Tracy gave us a ring. THe place was loud and we were in converstaion so I didn’t answer it. Suzanne and I get back to the hotel, turn on CNN and find out that the hotel Tracy was staying in in Atlanta was ravaged by a tornado. Go to her blog for the updates.
Today, which is Sunday the little ones went to easter egg hunt, not full contact, at the church. Suzanne and the girls stayed on at the church with me all day and hung out while crossings was going on. We had a really powerful worship set tonight with the high schoolers. Those guys and gals in the band are great! Thanks guys for being a blessing in my life!

It’s late, I’m tired, and Lost is on the DVR.



  1. hey guys,
    it was a great time hanging. thanks for making the drive down. next time we won’t park in the handicap spot. haha… hope you enjoy the BWW’s when it gets there.

  2. Bush, no doubt. No parking in the handicap spot!

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