The Boss on my Birthday!

Last night I once again saw one of the finest live shows any band could even think about putting on. These guys never cease to amaze me. If you have the chance, do it. Here’s the set we got in Greensboro last night:

Roulette { lyrics } Tour Premiere
Don’t Look Back { lyrics } Tour Premiere
Radio Nowhere { lyrics }
Out In The Street { lyrics }
The Promised Land { lyrics }
Magic { lyrics }
Gypsy Biker { lyrics }
It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City { lyrics }
Trapped { lyrics }
Because The Night { lyrics }
Darkness On The Edge Of Town { lyrics }
She’s The One { lyrics }
Livin’ In The Future { lyrics }
Mary’s Place { lyrics } Tour Premiere
Waitin’ On A Sunny Day { lyrics }
Devil’s Arcade { lyrics }
The Rising { lyrics }
Last To Die { lyrics }
Long Walk Home { lyrics }
Badlands { lyrics }

Backstreets { lyrics }
Bobby Jean { lyrics }
Born To Run { lyrics }
Ramrod { lyrics }
American Land { lyrics }

Great night, Oh and it was also my birthday.



It’s a snowman!

Coconut. .


Weekend Recap……..Donkey included!!!

Another weekend gone with the wind. So this weekend included Rayn and Grace starting swimming lessons. I thought it went pretty well. Grace was a trooper and Rayn was a little more like myself, not sure of new situations. But they both did great for their first official swim lessons. Seven more weeks and they’ll be doing half gainers, well at least maybe the dog paddle.

Saturday night, Suzanne being the special type of wife that she is, let me go to my bi-weekly poker game. We had a new player at the table, which can go either good or bad. I am not bragging, but the core group of guys that play at our game are great players. I would put the majority of us against anyone. But the new guy turned out to be a donkey. Called my Ace King  7,000 all in with a 3, 4 off suit, hit his three and sent me home. Yea I was pissed, yea he beat me, yea he’s never coming back. Hee Haw.

Yesterday we woke up and painted a couple crafts bought at the local craft store. And the painting continued to our deck, where Sue and I stained our deck. God I hate painting jobs! I did get to go to The Home Depot later that afternoon and I bought a Compound Mitre Saw. That’s right, somebodies getting ready to attempt some crown molding.

Had two worship sets last night. They went well. Just preparing for the upcoming weekend. Five sets of worship. Should be a blast.



Want to know how to save a dollar on gasoline?

So I was at the local QP gas station today and was filling up my work truck. I failed to notice that they had just painted the concrete surrounding the gas pump. I guess the painters that were on lunch break forgot to put up a sign. So now I have a lovely blue paint streak down the side of my shoe. When i mentioned to the cashier what had happened she told me she was sorry, gave me a phone number, and a gas card for a whole dollar off my next gas purchase. What’s that like a pint of gasoline? Awesome!


I promise my friends mean well!!

This is Dave. Dave is one of my poker buddies and we also work together. Dave has been a part of an organization called, Bars for a Cure. It’s a breast cancer benefit organization that are meeting for the next seven, i think, Friday nights in downtown Greensboro bars raising money and awareness for breast cancer. They have organized some really large raffles every night and I happen to think it’s brilliant. Now, this T shirt was one of Dave’s brain child. It suits him perfectly, and I promise he does mean well!!

Weekend Recap

Well First Platoon did it again! Another off-the-chart hardcore show in Bur-Vegas. Over three hundred and fifty kids turned out to beat the crap out of each other while praising the Lord. They call it dancing, but I’ve never seen anything like it going on at a prom. Big props to my man Charles Miller for living out his huge dreams!

Made a connection with a GREAT band from Nashville called Sophia. Their hearts are huge for Jesus! I mean huge! CHECK THEM OUT!! But only if you like hardcore, because if you don’t you will not understand. JesusGreaterThan is looking forward to working with them in the near future.

I went to speak on behalf of Compassion at a MOPS leadership summit in Greensboro. Turns out, they did not have time for me to speak but they let me set up a table and one child got adopted! Well worth the time put into it! Praise God!

Spent Saturday night and Sunday morning hanging out with the Ross clan. Some painting, wrestling, and swinging. Can’t beat it. Yard work, had to be done. And ended last night with a GREAT worship set at crossings. Awesome job guys and gals!!