Organization, not I.

dsc00183www.jpgI am not organized, at all. But Suzanne is. And this weekend was her breaking point. My closet, in her words (minus a few explicit ones), was a mess. A rather large one. I love clothes and shoes.  Always have. I had so many that my closet door would not close. I ended up getting rid of six trash bags full.  Suzanne stayed up late Friday night, went to, and designed me a new closet. So Here it is. This past weekends project. A step in the right direction. So what’s next?



  1. this is why i only have enough clothes to fit in two boxes. that way clean up is easy

  2. […] blogs this morning and replied to a few. I felt bad for Culmer on this one, and i laughed at PD about one of his. Life in the kitchen office is fairly laid back. The only rule is, no drinks at the table and […]

  3. Nice. Unfortunately I love t shirts. Suzanne does wish that all of my clothes would fit in two boxes.

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