Little Angels……..

I never knew that I could love anyone or anything the way that I love these two little ladies. These two little ones are Rayn and Grace Ross. They are my daughters and they make me a better person daily. I have had the pleasure of being their father for almost four years now. And I pray that I have many many more years to come. I am so looking forward to watching them grow older. But, not too fast. One of the main things that they have taught me is to make every single day count to the fullest and not take a single day for granted. To take the time to push them in their swing, or grab the guitar and sing them a song, or pretend to be a prince and wake them with a kiss. These are the memories we are creating together that can never be taken away from me. I try, and sometimes fail, not to get too busy. But I am recognizing that there are things that I used to find very important, not as important. There has never been and will never be a day that I will not tell them I love them. No matter what path they choose to go down in life I will always love them and help them in their matters. I pray that they continue to love the way they do and that this world does not make them bitter. That they see the good in all people and not the bad. Most of all I pray that they will always be happy. Because they make me feel like I  am the proudest, happiest, and most loved person on earth.

“I’ll be right by your side, come hell or water high, down any path you choose to roam.”





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  1. Hello to you – I had to come say thanks for the prayers on behalf of my Aunt Stacy (and her brain surgery). It went really well and she’s now home in recovery. So many folks praying made a huge difference for sure. God rocks!
    Also – I love my Jesus > Poverty tee. I get asked about it whenever I put it on. It’d be awesome to have some more like Jesus > Autism, Jesus > Cancer, etc. I don’t know maybe those are too controversial for some. Anyways…
    Thanks again and if you or your family ever have any prayer requests drop me a post on my blog’s Prayer Page. Seriously, I would love to pray for and share others prayer needs, too.

    God Bless – Melody Milbrandt


    Your girls are adorable. I can tell you really enjoy being a dad.

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