Cramps, what the heck?

It’s 4:30 in the A.M. I wake up. Not to the Sweet sounds of Suzanne’s voice. And not to the little tiny voices of Rayn and Grace. I am not even wakened by the smell of cooking or the house being on fire. I am awake because it feels as if someone has taken my calf and decided to try and rip it out of my leg. Yep, this morning at 4:30 that was the pleasant feeling that ripped me out of a gentle slumber. I sat strait up in bed and began to cuss loudly, over and over again. Suzanne wakes up next to me believes I am cussing at “someone” in our bedroom and she begins to freak out. Total mass confusion! Me in pain, only able to release a barrage of expletives over and over again, and Suzanne wondering who is receiving that barrage. I’m screaming and she wants to know why. A total three stooges episode. So funny looking back at this morning, but man my calf is killing me. What in the world causes this crap to happen?


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  1. umm that would be lack of potassium in yuor diet. try eating a banana a day and the eat one when you get a cramp like that….love you mean it!!

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