Weekend Recap……..Donkey included!!!

Another weekend gone with the wind. So this weekend included Rayn and Grace starting swimming lessons. I thought it went pretty well. Grace was a trooper and Rayn was a little more like myself, not sure of new situations. But they both did great for their first official swim lessons. Seven more weeks and they’ll be doing half gainers, well at least maybe the dog paddle.

Saturday night, Suzanne being the special type of wife that she is, let me go to my bi-weekly poker game. We had a new player at the table, which can go either good or bad. I am not bragging, but the core group of guys that play at our game are great players. I would put the majority of us against anyone. But the new guy turned out to be a donkey. Called my Ace King  7,000 all in with a 3, 4 off suit, hit his three and sent me home. Yea I was pissed, yea he beat me, yea he’s never coming back. Hee Haw.

Yesterday we woke up and painted a couple crafts bought at the local craft store. And the painting continued to our deck, where Sue and I stained our deck. God I hate painting jobs! I did get to go to The Home Depot later that afternoon and I bought a Compound Mitre Saw. That’s right, somebodies getting ready to attempt some crown molding.

Had two worship sets last night. They went well. Just preparing for the upcoming weekend. Five sets of worship. Should be a blast.




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