Six crazy worship band members, one crazy dentist, The Gladiator and myself………

Just woke up from a much needed nap. Tracy,Spencer, Charles, Phil, Merideth, Alex, Ashley, and myself are all recovering from a quick road trip to Atlanta. These six are the seniors graduating and Tracy and myself took them down to Atlanta for the weekend to check out these guys and these guys. Got to hang out with this guyfor a minute. Thanks Los!! I think they had a pretty good time. I know I did. I got to see another side of the kids that I have never seen. It was interesting, kinda like looking a little deeper into what their little worlds are like.

Anyways, I have to say that I have come back really confused. This was the first time I had ever been to Buckhead or Newspring. I knew quite a bit about Buckhead and how it works. New nothing about New Spring, but I do now. Thanks Tracy! It’s sometimes heartbreaking when you find a church you want to really dive into, but is six hours away. These churches are on fire for God. FIRE. From the leaders to the congregation to the volunteers, all around. I would take any of my non believing friends to these places, before I took them to mine. I know that my unchurched friends would have a great chance connecting at a church like Newspring, but may not have as good of a chance at mine. In fact I don’t know of any church in Burlington that they would.

There used to be a paragraph here, that may have come off the cuff a little harsh. And I believe it was misunderstood. Maybe because of the way I put it, but I have removed it due to MANY text messages I have received in the last hour. I was only trying to say that these two churches catered to the twenty and thirty somethings, which will be the next church leaders, in a way that most are not.

If I offended you, I am really sorry.





  1. Do you feel as old as I do after that trip? I AM TIRED!!!!

  2. P.D., I’m glad you and Tracy got that opportunity to bond with the Teens and have a great Experience. I’m praying for you and our church here in Burlington. I know there are some fires possibly being snuffed out, but i continue to pray that God will use all of us in His way. Hang in there.

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