I have killed two of my enemies in as many days!!!

For those who know me, you know I am a bit shall we say a little irrational in some of my fears at times. Tracy, no comment please. But in the last two days two of my top five fears have presented themselves to me. The first was when I was helping my brother move. I stepped into a spider web in my aunts garage, steeped back, looked down and saw this……..

A black Widow. Quite possibly my number one enemy on the planet. Spiders, don’t bother me. Black Widows scare the crap out of me. I have no idea why they walk this earth. They are extremely dangerous and cannot possibly serve any purpose that a regular spider without it’s crazy nuerotoxin can’t handle. I hate them, freaking hate them!!!!!!

The following night Suzanne, Rayn, Grace, and myself were returning home from dinner and a run to the grocery store. We turn to head down our driveway and I spot number two on my earthly enemies list. Again, those who know, know we live in the woods. I know that, i knew when I bought this house. I knew it came with critters, but this is unacceptable…

That’s right, a copperhead. Another super venomous critter around the house that I just don’t see a need in. Now i don’t kill every spider I see. I do kill every snake that I see. But this is the John Wayne of snakes in our area. It doesn’t get any worse than these bad boys. Super aggressive, super potent, and very sneaky. I hate them! Hate them with a passion. The thing that bothers me the most about them is that love to move at night. And where we live, there are no lights from any city or anything. Great for looking at the stars at night, bad for stepping on a copperhead laying in the yard. This is the first one I killed this year and hopefully I will not see another. I wish there was a way to eradicate them, because i sure would support that!! I might even make a t shirt about it.



40 Days of fasting could get a few wells built!!!!

     So this is day four of a movement known as the Forty Day Fast, a group of bloggers trying to answer the cry of the oppressed by bringing the kingdom of God here to earth as He wanted us to do. I encourage everyone reading this to go here each day to find out what God has laid on the hearts of the others taking part in the fast. Annie is on team one today, so be sure to check out her post as well.

     About a year ago I made a simple t- shirt that started a movement known as JeseusGreaterThan.org . I had no idea at the time that God was going to use the t-shirts in the way that He has. One year in and we have launched  three campaigns that we hope will raise awareness and funds to benefit those less fortunate than us around the world. Jesus>War was created to help raise scholarship funds for children whose parents have paid the ultimate price serving our country. All profits from the Jesus>Poverty campaign help to feed and clothe children living in poverty throughout the world by supporting Compassion International . Jesus>Thirst, in partnership with Blood:Water Mission  and Brody Harper  hopes to provide clean drinking water for every person living in Africa. I feel that God has called each campaign to fulfill His mission on earth, but today I want to focus on Jesus>Thirst

     Jesus>Thirst raises money to bring clean water to African communities through well building efforts. The campaign started about four months ago at the church I attend through a youth generated program called Quench.  . I have the privilege of being the middle and high school worship leader for a youth program that is truly representing the arms of Christ globally. The youth of St. Marks church in Burlington, N.C. partnered with the 410 Bridge organization  to raise money to build wells in African villages that had no or limited access to clean water. I was so moved by their hearts for God’s people that I designed Jesus>Thirst t shirts with all sales profits going to the Quench campaign. This group of young people raised close to fifty thousand dollars to help fight the thirst epidemic affecting millions in a country that the majority had never even visited. Praise God. Faith and passion for a God that is bigger than any of us can possibly understand will always prevail.

     While Quench was actively helping solve the thirst issue in Africa, Brody Harper, a friend of mine, felt called to get involved with some well building himself. Brody challenged his blog readers to donate money so he could send a check to Blood:Water Mission for their well building projects. Having seen the success of the Quench campaign, we decided to continue the Jesus>Thirst sales and donate all proceeds to Blood:Water Mission. And that’s where we stand. Trying to build wells for African communities that otherwise would have none. As in all countries and homes around the world, clean water is the foundation for life necessities in African communities. Women and children walk many miles a day just to retrieve clean water for their villages. People die daily just because they lack clean water. Clean water builds stronger communities that will grow and flourish.

     But here is the thing. One American dollar, four quarters, ten dimes, or twenty nickels  will allow one African to have clean water for one year. This is amazing. It is amazing because it is absolutely unacceptable that anyone in Africa, or on the planet for that matter, should be without water. It is absolutely unacceptable that we would choose to use our resources for so many different things that do nothing to further the kingdom here on Earth. Christ asked us to take care of the poor. To love the less fortunate and provide for them. And that is what were are trying to do at JesusGreaterThan. Our call is to raise financial support and awareness for those less fortunate, for the oppressed and marginalized, and just trying to love unconditionally with a huge heart for others.

     Please pray for the Forty Day Fast . Pray about all of the things you read about and talk to others about what it is that God lays on your hearts while reading these blogs. Pray that we will all  be open to whatever it is that God has in store for us to further his kingdom, no matter what that may be. Go to Blood:Water and find out if there is anyway that you can get involved. Go to JesusGreaterThan.org and buy a Jesus>Thirst t- shirt to help support the building of a well in Africa. But most of all pray that all Christians are inspired into some kind of action to further the kingdom here on earth. To answer the cries of the oppressed with the love of Christ.



Day two of Forty……..

Be sure to read Amy’s blog and when you finish with that one go read April’s.


Forty Days of Reading, Fasting, Praying, and Changing!!

Here we go. Go over to Brant’s blog, which is the first blog of the Forty Day Fast. This is going to be an incredible 40 days! you can get a full list of all the bloggers at Inspired to Action.Thursday is my day and I’ll be hitting on some JesusGreaterThan stuff. Please be praying for all of the bloggers and passing the word around to all you know!!


That was a little to close for me!!

So here’s the deal It’s no secret among my friends that I do not enjoy lightning or strong winds or lightning with strong winds. Let’s just say any kind of severe weather that has to do with huge bolts of electricity falling out of the sky and hitting whatever object it so chooses is not something I look forward to. In fact I avoid it at all cost. I will quickly pull a radar up on my crackberry and check the current situation out. Suzanne finds this extremely funny and also annoying. Especially while I am driving into on coming traffic while tyring to refresh the radar image. Anyway, today after church Suzanne, the twinkies, Natalie, Charles, and myself all got together at the St. Mark Mebane office to eat and discuss some JesusGreaterThan stuff. It was a great meeting and we got a whole lot accomplished. Thanks guys!! Towards the end it starts to storm. Then this really loud siren goes off and Natalie, who just moved back from Mississippi, proceeds to tell us that it is a TORNADO siren. Needless to say this was enough to get my attention. Eventually it stopped. No tornado was seen and the rain and lightning appeared to be over. it was time to leave so Grace and I headed out to the van parked across the street. Pizza box and socks in one hand and a bare foot four year old daughter in the other. As we get to the center of the street this freaking huge bolt of lightning hits right in front of us. I mean it was the closest I have ever seen lightning. We just freeze in the middle of the road. Grace looks up at me with the most freaked out look I have ever seen on her face and proceeds to just mutter the word mom over and over. So we gently turn around and head back into the office. And what do we see when we get back? Suzanne and Natalie laughing their butts off at us. Never mind we were almost destroyed by a bolt of lightning.


So few speak for so many. Thanks Westboro Baptist!!

My friend Bush posted bout this today.

Sorry world.

I agree, it’s time……..for change!!

I have had a lot of conversation about the election here recently with many different people. And I always enjoy a good debate. So I thought it was time to draw a line in the sand here in the blog world. Let the games begin.