Taking Back The Streets…………….

Ok, here’s the deal. Charles Miller, senior drummer in the Crossings Worship Band, also happens to be the brain child behind First Platoon Industries. I’ve mentioned him and his company many times in the past. Charles has been the one who has been bringing in all of the hardcore bands to Burlington playing shows at  our church. Well, he’s leaving in August for Belmont University, and decided to go out with a freaking humongous bang!! He has helped organize an event called Taking Back the Streets.  This is going to be a two day music festival raising money for Compassion International. Forty bands, mostly hardcore, but he did land a few others not on the website yet, so I will wait to tell you when he post them. But here’s whos in so far….. August Burns Red, As Cities Burn, Edison Glass, GRITS, The Chariot, The Glorious Unseen, Oh Sleeper, John Mark Mcmillan, The Urban Sophisticates, Versa Emerge, Cool Hand Luke, Gwen Stacy, My Children My Bride, Belle Epoque, Advent, Progress in Color, SOPHIA (My personal favorite hardcore band), The Glass Ocean, Sleeping Giant, Here I Come Falling, Brian Morgante, Conditions, and Emarosa. Many more to come. If you are near the area and can make this event, you should. We’ll be there with JesusGreaterThan and helping out with Compassion International. Charles has a huge heart for God, Compassion, and Hardcore Music. Show some love to him by linking to his site and getting the word around. It’s going to be great! More details coming soon!!


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  1. P.D. I posted this on my blog and gave a link to Charles and the fundraiser. God is awesome to be working through the youth! Hooray for the youth in our church and outside that have taken the bold steps to serve God!

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