Bierstick…….this can not be good!

Adult beverages are great. Thank you Red Oak!!! One of my favorite beers of all time, brewed here in Greensboro. A couple with a meal is fine. No problems. Now, when you consume a lot of adult beverages problems seem to creep around. these problems can range from headaches to vomiting and on occasion police records. Never good. When I was younger “I saw people” engaging in the  over consumption of adult beverages using beer bongs. A funnel with a pipe you lift up and inhale two beers at a time. It took about ten seconds, maybe five, to get two down. So I hear anyway. A party gimmick that got people drunk really quick.

Well move over beer bong, here is the Bierstick.


This sucker has lawsuit written all over it!

Here are a few highlights from the website.

So long, beer bong…

Drink up to 24 ounces in less than two seconds. The Bierstick is crafted from high-quality FDA approved materials. Its durable, compact design makes it very discreet — small enough to fit in a backpack. The friction-fit mouthpiece allows for easy filling and cleaning, leaving zero mess. If you think you can drink, you haven’t seen anything yet.


Remove mouthpiece and fill bierstick with beer, or other beverage.

Put mouthpiece back on and push air out of tube.

While holding mouthpiece firmly with one hand, place end-cap against wall or other stationary surface and press to drink when ready.


Unreal. I have no words, but my side is splitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!