I agree, it’s time……..for change!!

I have had a lot of conversation about the election here recently with many different people. And I always enjoy a good debate. So I thought it was time to draw a line in the sand here in the blog world. Let the games begin.



  1. you’re going to hell for voting for Obama, and you’ll be excommunicated from your church.

    i’m kidding. not sure where i’m at this election. i voted for Obama in the primaries, but i’m thinking about writing in PD ROSS.

  2. Write me in brother!! I would love to be president. i think, well maybe not. Maybe just an advisor or something. Hey if you ever become president, can i become one of your advisors?

  3. […] just wanted to put it out there, since I also heard my buddy PD voice his pick on his blog […]

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