That was a little to close for me!!

So here’s the deal It’s no secret among my friends that I do not enjoy lightning or strong winds or lightning with strong winds. Let’s just say any kind of severe weather that has to do with huge bolts of electricity falling out of the sky and hitting whatever object it so chooses is not something I look forward to. In fact I avoid it at all cost. I will quickly pull a radar up on my crackberry and check the current situation out. Suzanne finds this extremely funny and also annoying. Especially while I am driving into on coming traffic while tyring to refresh the radar image. Anyway, today after church Suzanne, the twinkies, Natalie, Charles, and myself all got together at the St. Mark Mebane office to eat and discuss some JesusGreaterThan stuff. It was a great meeting and we got a whole lot accomplished. Thanks guys!! Towards the end it starts to storm. Then this really loud siren goes off and Natalie, who just moved back from Mississippi, proceeds to tell us that it is a TORNADO siren. Needless to say this was enough to get my attention. Eventually it stopped. No tornado was seen and the rain and lightning appeared to be over. it was time to leave so Grace and I headed out to the van parked across the street. Pizza box and socks in one hand and a bare foot four year old daughter in the other. As we get to the center of the street this freaking huge bolt of lightning hits right in front of us. I mean it was the closest I have ever seen lightning. We just freeze in the middle of the road. Grace looks up at me with the most freaked out look I have ever seen on her face and proceeds to just mutter the word mom over and over. So we gently turn around and head back into the office. And what do we see when we get back? Suzanne and Natalie laughing their butts off at us. Never mind we were almost destroyed by a bolt of lightning.