It’s been a little over a week or so……….

So it’s been a little while since I blogged. So let me catch you up to speed. Two weekends ago I came down with a little thing known as bronchitis, which seems to be still hangingout a little, which had me in the bed for a few days. Never a good thing. i hate coughing. it sucks. I really hate coughingso much that your head feels as if it is goingto explode. Or your chest feels as if it is ripping in two. Anyways, hopefully the worst is over. That Sunday while I was down and out I did a radio interview for Cross Driven Radio where I was asked several questions about the forty day blog and So if you are in the D.C. area be sure to check out this station on Thursday night, or you can download the podcaston Friday. It was really interesting to do that interview. Actually I enjoyed it a lot. Monday and Tuesday I called into to work. I never do that, but I felt like crap and had a heck of a week ahead of me so i laid on the couch. Tuesday night, July 1st, I attended my first ever concert while running a 101 degree fever. Suzanne, myself, and a few other friends headed down to Charlotte to see these guys. Hands down always the highlight of our summers. We actually have became friends with Leroi Moores cousin who gets us back stage passes to all of the shows we go to. i actually had an all access pass and walked pretty much where ever I wanted. Just so you know, if you stand on the stage of an amphitheater and look out at the seats, it will take your breath away. it did mine at least. But keep in mind I was a little weak from the bronchitis. Side note, I purchased two growlers of Red Oak that i did not get to take part in because of this sickness. But they went to a friend of mine who by the look on his face, and the words leaving his mouth, Tuesday night seemed to enjoy them just fine. Wed we woke up and it was Suzanne’s birthday. Happy birthday baby!! Our girls jumped in the car with their uncle and headed to Cherry Grove while we jumped in the Gladiator, it’s pimping, and headed to Raleigh for another evening with The Dave Matthews Band. Another set of greatness and a night not to be forgotten. After the show we headed to Cherry Grove as well. We spent four days with the girls, and a few in laws, sitting on the beach just relaxing. It was a much needed rest and I wish I was still sitting there. We had a great time and ended up back at the casa on Sunday afternoon. Isn’t it funny how vacations just fly by. Man I love vacation. So that’s whats been going on. Until Later………


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  1. Hey P.D.,
    Sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well. Due to some reasons beyond my control, the interview will air on Thursday July 17. The podcast will be online next Friday. I am replaying last weeks show which features an interview with Kat .

    Take care, feel better and be blessed!!


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