The move.part 1

So here we go. Suzanne, Rayn, Grace, and myself have decided that our stay in Mcleansville N.C. is coming to an end. We are beginning the process that is known as moving. Our house is going on the market in less than three weeks and we have a boat load to do. I started my  list, provided by the wonderful Missy Flora, by tearing down my hand rails on my porch and building new ones. They were old and falling down. This gave me the opportunity to use two new toys of mine. i have been the owner of a brand new  mitre saw for a few months now and never turned the thing on. I bought it to do some crown molding, but with the move on the horizon none has been done. This is an incredible piece of machinery. it can literally cut your entire hand off. The thrill junkie I am was turning cart wheels inside my head the whole time I was using it. Every cut was like a trip to the circus. Awesome!! The second little toy was one of my brand new nail guns. Ok, I had never really used a nail gun before. But man have I been missing out. Why would anyone ever buy a hammer or nail again. This thing is incredible. The absolute best fathers day present i have ever received. I figured out a really neat trick as well. If you take a rubber band and clasp the safety back, it will fire nails like an automatic weapon. Every squirrel around was on the run. Ducking behind logs and squeaking out to their neighbors. Anyways, it took me couple of times to get use to it. I have yet to figure out the double tap fire. Where in the world does that second nail go? Defiantly not in me. Trust me, the thought crossed my mind the first time it happened. All in all it was awesome. the rails turned out great and I only almost lost my hand.

We also started packing up my play room last night. For those of you who have been to the residence, yo know I have a play room. And you also know what is in it. But last  night was DVD night. We boxed up all of my DVD’s. i have an incredible collection. Movies I didn’t even know that I have. Movies that have never been opened. How ridiculous is that? Well there is a lot more to go. Comic books, baseball cards, guitars, keyboards, action figures (yep that’s right), and lots of other great stuff that Suzanne calls junk. Well I’m sure that there will be more to come. This is probably not going to be any fun.




  1. i’ve seen your toy room, and it will take a uhaul in itself to move that stuff. haha…be nice to those squirrels.

    where you moving?

  2. Yeah..catch us up on where you plan on moving to? Will you stay in the Burlington area, or are you planning bigger things some place else? I hope you can shed some light for those of us out of the loop.

  3. Bush…I do need a uhaul. We had a great squirrel soup. We are actaully heading back over to burlington.
    Shawn…Actually trying to get closer to the community we call home. Not really ready to leave the burlington area. But the coast is starting to whisper to us a little……..

  4. Whoa! I’m going to start hinting now about next Fathers Day. You will have to show me that trick, then its rabbitts beware baby!

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