Nothing wrong with a little “Screamo” in our lives……

Here’s what I did last Thursday and Friday……..


Now we are off to New York city for a week.



I really hate it when my heart hurts…….

I was working late today getting our office ready when my buddy Wayne walked in through the door. I could see that he had been crying and I knew something was bad wrong. It was about six and he asked me if I wanted to step outside for a minute. Concerned I dropped what I was doing and walked out with him. Wayne, his wife Lisa, Suzanne and myself had become really good friends over the last five years. We met in church, actually, a small Bible study and found that we had a common interest. The Dave Matthews Band. I bragged about how many times I had seen them in concert, well over sixty, but they one upped me. They bragged about how they happen to be good friends with the saxophone player Leroi Moore. Of course we were completely jealous and excited at the same time. So for the last five years we have had the privilege to get to hang out with them backstage at DMB shows and actually get to hang out with Roi on many different tours. Roi was always kind and treated us as if he knew who we were forever. And what was even cooler was the fact that he would remember us from the last times that we had met. A super humble guy who loved the fans with such kindness and passion. We were looking forward to hanging with him this past fourth of July, but he had an ATV accident that had sidelined him from the tour. So when Wayne told me that he had just got off the phone with our friend Reggie who is Leroi’s cousin I knew what had happened. But my heart still sank when he told me that Roi had died this afternoon. So tonights Red Oaks go to fond memories of one of my musical influences. Until then Roi!

What a week…………..

Yes it was. Quite a crazy week, and as I write this at nine in the morning I am feeling the effects. Anyways, what a great week. Work was nuts, can we say a little pressure anyone? But it will get better, there is a light in that tunnel and we are chasing it as fast as we can. Our children pastor and friends Natalie and Chelsea put together a great week of vacation bible school in one of the more needy neighborhoods in town. It was awesome taking the love to the streets instead of just playing in our comfortable back yard. A huge step in the right direction for our church. I have to admit I did a lot of observing this week, just watching the people I am involved with and was blown away by what they were doing. I think I had a kind of Christ in a cheeseburger moment. It’s good to be part of a community of believers. Last night Tracyand I closed down the great town of Mebane with a “Thundering Set” of acoustic sounds. Anyways it was fun. So now Rayn, Grace, and Myself are waiting on Thompy, Ayden and Bailey to come hang out for the day. Kind of a dad and children Saturday as our wives are busy with other things today. Until then……..

He will be missed………

Yes, he will be missed.

I spoke with the PO PO today…….


This is where I keep the Gladiator, my van, parked a lot during the week. Well really just this week since this is where my new office is. Anyways , so the van has been here a few days now, because I drive my work vehicle a lot to meetings after normal business hours. Well there is a salon across the way that must have thought that there was a dead body in there or something. I was drawing this morning and looked out the window to see my van surrounded by the police. My first thought was , “what the heck have I done now?”. I started rummaging my brain to see if I could come up with anything at all that I may have done here recently that would cause the police to surround my van. After coming up with nothing I decided to walk outside and ask the officers if I could help them with something. I asked them twice if I could help only to get ignored. So I thought Ok, let’s watch our tax money at work a while. I went back inside and continued to draw a while. After another five minutes or so another cop shows up. So now I am a little suspicious as well. I walk back outside and ask once again if I can help with anything. Only to be cut off by one of the nice fellas and told they were “investigating” this van. So naturally my next question was, “What did the van do?”. I saw the humor in that a mile away, but these guys and gal did not. They went back to ignoring me. i finally spoke up and said, “you know that’s my van right?” And they answered by asking me why it was parked there. I went on to explain that my office was about twenty seven feet away and I thought it would be Ok to park my van in the PARKING LOT. They looked a little dumb founded, I handed them a couple of cards and told them to have a nice day. All of this to say…………If four cops can come to my parked van sitting quiet and still then why can’t one make it in a timely manner when there is a wreck or something that is real?

Just a thought.

Random Shuffle update….ten in a row

I don’t know why you would care but here are ten consecutive songs that came up on my ipod starting at one today..


1. Lonesome Day Bruce Springsteen

2. Acrobat U2

3. Champagne High (live acoustic) Sister Hazel

4. The Guitar Man  Cake

5. Bodhisatva Vow  Beasties

6. Comfortably Numb   David Gilmore Live

7. Territory (Live) Sepultura

8. Crazy life  Toad the Wet Sprocket

9. Strange Currencies   REM

10. Good Time   Counting Crows