What a week…………..

Yes it was. Quite a crazy week, and as I write this at nine in the morning I am feeling the effects. Anyways, what a great week. Work was nuts, can we say a little pressure anyone? But it will get better, there is a light in that tunnel and we are chasing it as fast as we can. Our children pastor and friends Natalie and Chelsea put together a great week of vacation bible school in one of the more needy neighborhoods in town. It was awesome taking the love to the streets instead of just playing in our comfortable back yard. A huge step in the right direction for our church. I have to admit I did a lot of observing this week, just watching the people I am involved with and was blown away by what they were doing. I think I had a kind of Christ in a cheeseburger moment. It’s good to be part of a community of believers. Last night Tracyand I closed down the great town of Mebane with a “Thundering Set” of acoustic sounds. Anyways it was fun. So now Rayn, Grace, and Myself are waiting on Thompy, Ayden and Bailey to come hang out for the day. Kind of a dad and children Saturday as our wives are busy with other things today. Until then……..


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