I really hate it when my heart hurts…….

I was working late today getting our office ready when my buddy Wayne walked in through the door. I could see that he had been crying and I knew something was bad wrong. It was about six and he asked me if I wanted to step outside for a minute. Concerned I dropped what I was doing and walked out with him. Wayne, his wife Lisa, Suzanne and myself had become really good friends over the last five years. We met in church, actually, a small Bible study and found that we had a common interest. The Dave Matthews Band. I bragged about how many times I had seen them in concert, well over sixty, but they one upped me. They bragged about how they happen to be good friends with the saxophone player Leroi Moore. Of course we were completely¬†jealous and excited at the same time. So for the last five years we have had the privilege to get to hang out with them backstage at DMB shows and actually get to hang out with Roi on many different tours. Roi was always kind and treated us as if he knew who we were forever. And what was even cooler was the fact that he would remember us from the last times that we had met. A super humble guy who loved the fans with such kindness and passion. We were looking forward to hanging with him this past fourth of July, but he had an ATV accident that had sidelined him from the tour. So when Wayne told me that he had just got off the phone with our friend Reggie who is Leroi’s cousin I knew what had happened. But my heart still sank when he told me that Roi had died this afternoon. So tonights Red Oaks go to fond memories of one of my musical influences. Until then Roi!


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  1. rest light Roi!

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