How did this happen?

So there are a few things in life I am very passionate about. My family, God, music, poker, fantasy football, and The New York Yankees. And today I am talking about the Yankees. I grew up a Yankee fan. I always have been a Yankee fan and in fact I cannot stand any other team. Especially Boston. Anyways, we had the opportunity last week to take in a couple of games. One being against Boston which they lost and the other against the Blue Jays, which they won. And it was the first time I have been there in a while. It was the first time ever for my wife and kids who had a blast as well. It also happens to be the last year they will be in this stadium. A stadium with more history than I can even begin to talk about. So naturally this season fans are trying to take or steal parts of the stadium for keepsakes. And the authorities are coming down really hard against those caught doing any such thing. So that being said. I have no idea how I ended up with this huge chunk of the greatest baseball park on earth. I have no idea who the person was that forced it into my back pack and high fived me as we were walking past New York City police officers. And finally I have no idea how it got from NYC to NC.



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  1. Watch out for Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson…you know how he likes to find those people with certain types of “rocks” in the county. 🙂

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