As Biggy said, “things done changed”!!

So last night was the first night of Crossings. Crossings happens to be our middle and high school ministries at St. Marks Church. And I have the privilege of leading the worship team for the crossings ministry. In fact I have been a part of the team for the last three years. Every year has been a joy and we have had a great pool of talent and dedicated musicians. That being said, i knew going into the weekend that the talent level had risen quite a bit. But I had no idea that the group was going to be as tight musically and spiritually as they were. Things have changed. At our pre service meeting, I was blown away by the time we spent together in prayer. How every team member offered up some kind of prayer without being asked to do so. I started us off and asked Will to close us and if anyone wanted to jump in in between then please do. Every kid did. Every one of them. And as one of them said, “thank you God for the band you have pulled together this year”. Amen to that. Thanks God for these guys and gals. Last night Phil, Chelsea, Daniel, Adam, Will, and Amanda made me more proud than they will ever know!! Oh, and the music, “the best they had ever done”. Not my words.



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  1. P.D. That is very exciting! I look forward to times that I may get to play on stage with these youth at Church. I am excited for the kids not only getting better musically, but also coming Closer to God! That is way cool!

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