Yes, I am a little pissed!!!

So I found out this weekend that one of my favorite bands of all time are getting together for one night to play one of their finest albums from start to finish. Almost two minutes later I find out that the show is of course sold out. Ebay has tickets for three hundred a pop. My wife would kill me, but it would be so worth it. Ben Folds Five. One night. September 18th.  Chapel Hill North Carolina. The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Mesner from start to finish. I want to scream. Very loud words that would make my grandmother unhappy. Anyway I am going to try and make it happen. Until then watch this….Bad word alert for those who care.


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  1. i love you dude…but i can’t dig on some ben folds. i don’t know why…maybe i should give it another shot.

    hope you are well man. i hope the concert works out for you.

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