Farewell Old Friend!!

Last night was the last night that the lights in Yankee Stadium will be thrown on. The last time thousands of people will pile into the mecca of baseball and give that “old Bronx cheer” to the visiting team. The last time the ghost will get a front row view of a tradition that has lasted over 80 years. No matter what your feelings are on the Yankees, if you love baseball, and you have ever had the experience of walking into this place, then you know what it feels like to break through the concourse and have your breathe taken away as your eyes see the field. You know what it fells like to be standing next to grown men with their kids hiding their tears with their sunglasses. Listening to the regular old timers talk about how things “use to be”. Wondering before that first pitch is thrown whose ghost would show up tonight. It is very hard to put into words this place. I know this. I loved it. Every minute of it. Every time I stepped foot in there whatever was happening in my life outside those walls, did not matter. I will always have the memories, as well as a little piece of the stadium., to take with me. I will never forget the first time my dad and I walked in that place. I was eight and could not wait to see Don Mattingly play. He was, and still is, my hero of baseball. The problem was there were all these old guys on the field. It was 1984 and we were attending the old timers game. So while I was complaining that Mattingly had not yet taken the field, my dad was standing there watching his hero Mickey Mantle swinging the bat again in Yankee stadium. While I wanted to know why Rags wasn’t pitching he was watching Whitey Ford throwing sixty mile an hour fastballs across the plate to Yogi Berra. It’s hard to believe that I have seen those guys, and many others in that stadium. not a lot of people my age can say they saw the Mick take a swing in a Yankee uniform. A few weeks ago my family decided to give it one last round. We went to a couple of games. Wednesday night my dad, brother, and myself watched the Yanks get destroyed by the Red Sox. But you know what. It didn’t matter. I was at a game with my father in Yankee stadium.

You could have promised me the Yanks would win the world series if we would have missed that game and I would have easily said no thanks.

I was sharing nine dollar Becks with Bubba. And loving every single second of it.

It was our time. The three of us to bid farewell to a place that has been a piece of history that has bonded the three of us.  We may have our disagreements.  But we all love the Yankees. And always will. Thanks guys for being who you are!!!!




  1. ’tis a sad day! I love the Yankees, and have been to that stadium many many times….and yes, I remember watching some of the old timers myself. And I remember my first game there when “Goose” Gassage was pitching, Bucky Dent was on Short Stop (He was my favorite player), Reggie Jackson was in the outfield. Lou Pinnela was there playing like a trooper. And to top it off the manager that day was Billy Martin.

    I’ll miss the old stadium, but i also look to the future in the new place! Go Yankees!

  2. Amen brother!!

  3. thank you!

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