In the words of Sir Paul, “It’s getting better all the time!!”

Things never cease to amaze me. Especially what God is doing all around me.  I have to admit, here lately I have been feeling really disconnected from God. I don’t know why. I can’t explain it. I just have felt a little empty. Spiritually blah if you will. But, I push through. I move forward when I am tired. I move forward while thinking things like, “well this will be a waste of time” or “surely God isn’t in this”. I move forward while thinking about how I would rather be doing so many other things. I move forward while thinking how I have failed miserably as a “church leader”. I move forward as I tell myself how disappointed God must be with my attitude right now.  But then I wake up this morning, grab my Peterson Remix and start to reconnect to my savior. Recognizing that not only is he my savior, but also my Lord. Two very different titles of our King. Realizing that it’s time for him to be my true Lord as well as my savior. What does that mean. Well, maybe later.

By the way, Crossings Band. You guys rock in so many ways!!!!



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  1. Hang in there Buddy! Catalyst, next week. three days of getting your energy, and getting you on fire are caming up! I”m praying for you, and can’t wait to experience this with you too!

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