Playing again, again.

So tonight I had the chance to hang out with a new friend, and local youth pastor at Trinity named Steve Janicello. He called me about two and asked me if I wanted to come over and jam a bit. In the few weeks that I have known him I have found out a few things we have in common. One, we both consider the Beatles to be the best band that ever graced our planet. Sorry Tracy, they are. Two, we both LOVE David Gilmour. A great start to a friendship if you ask me.

He had actually invited a few other guys to jam with us. Now I get to play every week, usually twice and sometimes up to five times. But, and I am not knocking this is any way, shape, or fashion.  I love playing worship music. I love leading worship. But when I got to the basement of trinity and set my rig up I was in for a treat. Four of us dove strait in to Dark Side of The Moon. Heaven. Heaven. Heaven. Do you know how long it has been since I have jammed with a crowd on some Floyd? A long time. Awesome. We finished our Dark Side Tribute, jumped into some Wall stuff and then hit up The Beatles a while. Man I needed tonight for a long time. Steve shared some of his original stuff and it was fantastic. I played a little of mine as well. Who knows where this is going. But I am along for the ride.




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