Diving into the New again…….

So I have decided to recommit myself to really diving into the scriptures again. And this time I have decided to go through the New Testament again. So last night I began Matthew. I read the first three chapters and one new thing stuck out to me.  Why is it that since the birth of Christ violence has not followed far behind. I mean starting with the birth of Jesus thousands of babies were killed. I don’t know why it sticks out, it just does. But it also seems to be a theme that runs parallel to his life. He even says you have to give up your life, (literally or figuratively) to follow him. There is a line in the Dave Matthews Band Christmas Song that says, ” I came to spread a little light on this darkening sea, but instead I fear I have spilled the blood of my children all around.” Now I know these are Dave’s words and not Christ, but they do seem to ring true. From day one there has been a lot of killing surrounding Jesus. And there still is. Not as much in america, but there seems to be quite a bit in other places. Just a thought.


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  1. P.D. You have given me some great ideas from this blog posting to get deep into the scriptures again, myself. Thanks for the picker upper post!

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