How’s your fruit?

In Matthew Chapter seven, Matthew talks about some things Jesus was teaching on. Jesus used fruit as a comparison to what kind of people we are. How is our fruit? I happen to be a horticulturalist by trade and love it when Jesus uses plants to describe faith and life. I connect to it really well. As I read this I was thinking about one certain tree. It’s a female Ginko tree. Awesome tree. I love they way it looks. It’s one of the oldest species of tree on earth. Everything is really unique about this tree, from it’s leaves to its branch structure. Everything except it’s fruit. It’s fruit is just plain rotten. It smells worse that any porta john or public restroom I have ever been in. Wretched. So no one plants it anymore. No one wants it. From a distance and when it’s just there it’s an awesome tree. But the fruit it bears is horrible. I Wonder if we as christians ever look that way? From a distance we look loving, caring, forgiving. But once you really get to know us we are horrible. Our fruit stinks. As Ron Martoia would say, “we are leaking garbage”. We put a lot into what our leaders are saying and how they are packaged, but do we look at their fruit? Jesus said, “When a prophet comes to you and preaches this or that, look for his fruits…….” So may our fruit be the sweetest it can possibly be.


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