Matthew Chapter 9

So what’s the connection between the healing of the sick and forgiveness of sins? Is there a connection there or was Jesus just using it to start dialogue with the spiritual leaders of his day? Just a thought.


Now we also find that a disciple named Matthew was asked to join the “tribe” , thanks Seth Godin, that Jesus had founded. A tax collector. I have done a little research on what a tax collector was back in the day. And this is what I have discovered. Tax collectors were hated by the Jewish people. In fact when you read scripture they separate tax collector and sinner. They ask Jesus disciples, “why does your Rabi eat with sinners and tax collectors?”. They were hated. Hated because they were seen as traitors and crooks. These were usually Jews who decided to work for the evil empire which was Rome. These were the guys who would wait on the docks until the fishermen came home and then took what they wanted to render unto Cesar what was his. Let’s say you caught ten fish. Well a tax collector would take four of them. He then would give three to Rome and keep one for himself. Pretty dirty. So the Jews looked at them as thieves and traitors putting them on the bottom of the totem pole as far as people who you would invite to dinner, but Jesus was seen eating with tax collectors on several occasions. Now eating a meal together was a great outer expression of community. It was a way of saying, “I am friends with this person” or “i accept this person”, and Christ did this a lot. And now we have him inviting him to follow and learn. Brilliant. What better way to teach the way than to include enemies among your group? How many lessons are in that alone? Especially since most of the disciples were fishermen. Wow.


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