Matthew Chapter 10

This chapter happens to be what I refer to as a “loaded” chapter.  Jesus sends “the twelve” out with instructions. He tells them to preach, “the kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. What does this mean? I have heard a lot of preaching in my day. I have heard a lot of people who preach that the kingdom is at hand. And I have heard a lot of preachers preach that the kingdom is at hand and forget to do the things that Jesus instructed to do after you preach the kingdom is at hand. It does no good to preach the kingdom is at hand and then walk away. you don’t tell hungry people that Jesus is the savior of the world, died for your sins, and wants you to go to heaven without handing him a sandwich do you? In fact, we should be feeding the hungry anyway. No agenda or strings attached. I’ll never forget when I was younger seeing this “Sunday dressed” preacher telling a beggar that Jesus loves him and if he just had faith, he would be provided for. Only to walk away. Are you kidding me? What message is that? I think this scripture holds a very valuable lesson as to what it takes to begin to be a disciple. To actually bring the kingdom of heaven here to earth. That’s our mission. Jesus is all about restoration and we are called to help in the restoration of all things. Hunger, sickness, disease, the environment, marriages, relationships, the list goes on. To preach the kingdom is at hand is to show the power of the kingdom here on earth.

We must be as “shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves”. Be smart but gentle. Jesus was all about the third way, which I’ll jump into sometime later. This describes Jesus perfectly to me. Smart as a whip but gentle but nonviolent. He was all about judo moves, Taking someones aggressive offensive move and flipping it around to where he had the power. Not literally, but figuratively. Always be thinking ahead, not letting anyone take advantage of you, but as peaceful as possible. Brilliant!

Oh, on other thing that stands out. He also warns us not to be doing his work to get rich. i wonder if I know anyone like that?



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