Youth worship leader by night, Truant officer by day!!!

                                                             There they were. Three kids. One on a skateboard, one walking slowly with mirror covered sunglasses, and one twirling an unlit camel in his hand. And there we were. On our way to lunch. Homemade Italian chicken soup and A and W root beer awaiting our arrival. I turn to Steve and ask him if these guys should be in school. He smirks and tells me to watch this. We pull over and Steve calls the one twirling the camel over to the car. “Aren’t you suppose to be in school today?”. “Huh?” ask the boy. “School, what school do you go to?” asks Steve. “Williams, why?” he replies. Steve says, “We happen to be truancy officers for the county and we are gonna need to see some I.D.” “I don’t have one. I am suspended for skipping school” was his very angry reply. In fact he was getting really angry. Steve continued to push the kid almost to his breaking point and then began to laugh. The kid got a very confused look on his face, which in turn had me laughing as well. We explained that we were not truant officers and began to introduce ourselves, but he said a few rude things and walked away. He didn’t think it was funny. I did.


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