SoI just finished watching Expelled. Anyone else seen this? I am not sure what to think at the moment. I am trying to take it all in and process it a bit. It was a bit of a little information overload, but very interesting indeed. One thing that sticks out right now is how dangerous Darwinism can be. I never thought of it as dangerous per say. I thought it was a difference of opinion. But when you look at the similarities between Darwinism and the whole Nazi rule it is kind of disturbing. Anyways I am all for freedom of speech and thought. And I am all about science. I’m not saying evolution didn’t happen, but I do believe that something very intelligent, like God the father, created the first living organism. Now from there, who knows. Another thing that sticks out is how angry the people who were totally against intelligent design were. What’s up with that? Are they really that miserable? Maybe I would be to if I thought this one life that I have was it, that there was no other place to spend eternity. Who knows.



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