Matthew 13

Jesus starts teaching in parables. He uses stories, pictures made with words, to get his teachings across. He tells several parables in chapter 13 my favorite being the parable of the baker and the bread. Jesus puts it like this…”Imagine a woman preparing a loaf of bread. the kingdom of heaven is like the leaven she folds into her dough. She kneads and kneads until the leaven is worked into all of her dough. Without the leaven the dough remains flat. But the secret is the almost invisible leaven making her loaves fluff and rise.”

I have never heard the voice of God. I have never seen him in person. I have had no burning bush’s talking to me and I have never seen the heavens open up and speak some glorious calling on my life. And I’m OK with that. It doesn’t bother me. A lot of my friends who aren’t believers ask me how can I believe in something that I can’t see or touch. I always have trouble answering that question. I believe that we forget that there is something at hand that is spiritual. And I do not know if we really, at least I know I do not, understand how deep spirituality is. But I do believe in it. I believe that here is a spiritual force at work at all times. I believe in the Holy Spirit and I believe he is something that we cannot see, touch, or taste, but if we are quiet enough and if we pay attention to what’s going on around us enough, we can feel it. We can be guided by it. And we should try our best to learn how to walk every minute of our lives guided by the Holy Spirit. The words “almost invisible” say it all. It’s supernatural, it’s beyond anything Hollywood can dream up and put on film. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful and it’s real.


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  1. Hey PD…Here is my thought on this statement you said in your post:

    “A lot of my friends who aren’t believers ask me how can I believe in something that I can’t see or touch. I always have trouble answering that question.”

    I think, one way you could answer this question (In My Oppinion) is that if you don’t believe in something and you die, then you have nothing at all. If you believe in God, even though you can’t see Him or touch Him, at least when you die, there is that hope in faith that He will be there for you and you will experience something more precious than life here on earth. I know that sounds kind of wierd, and i may not have been clear about it, but it’s that HOPE that keeps my Faith going in a positive way!

    By the way…I started reading Matthew this week too, started at 13 where you are, and love following your posts about this book of the bible. Thanks for the inspiration!

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